Saarbrücker Str 17 / Kollwitzstraße 2 Prenzlauer Berg – Berlin

WE live here. In the corner house of Saarbrücker Straße 17 and Kollwitzstraße 2. Directly on the lively Schönhauser Allee.
In this historical building, decoratively covered in vines, directly at the underground station Senefelderplatz. From the outside it is clear that something is going on here. A partial scaffold has been erected, reaching from the house entrance all the way up to the roof.

WE are reporting on what happens behind the façade, for anyone interested in our story: what happens when this historical monument in a socially-heterogeneous residential area of Prenzlauer Berg, OUR HOME, is turned into a building site.
Chronology of Events Kollwitzstraße 2

WE are currently also collecting historical photographs, videos, drawings and stories about the history of the house and the area, which dates back almost 140 years. YOU are welcome to participate.
Have YOU discovered the area on a historical postcard or do YOU have memories or photos of the place? Get in touch or send us YOUR contributions. Thank you!

And last but not least the building also houses the CHAGALL and the COURAGE . Those who haven’t visited these two bars/restaurants really ought to …
WE live in the corner house  of Saarbrücker Straße 17 / Kollwitzstraße 2
Front and back, and our ‘massive’ courtyard:
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Translation the widget on the right side:  INFOS
Yes, this house has also been sold

Yes, it is still half full of residents

Yes, WE want to stay here

Yes, ten kids live here

Yes, the courtyard is tiny

Yes, WE think that tenancy laws and protection can be asserted to help us

Yes, the Schönhauser Allee is loud

No, WE don’t have an underground car park

Yes, WE need YOUR support!

Kollwitzstraße 2, Kollwitzstraße2, vorne-hinten, Ecke, Saarbrückerstraße 17

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